Celestron Firstscope Dobsonian Telescope

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Celestron Firstscope Dobsonian Telescope
Pay tribute to the men and women who brought us one step closer to understanding the universe around us with the FirstScope. This entry level astronomical telescope is created in honor of Galileo Galilei and many of history’s most notable astronomers and scientists, and it proudly displays their names around the optical tube. A quality Dobsonian style telescope, the FirstScope features a 76mm aperture reflector optical tube that is very easy to observe with — simply navigate the night sky by moving the tube in the direction of your desired object. Compact and lightweight, the scope can travel into the field with you easily, yet makes a decorative accent on your desk or as a classroom display when not in use.

Accessory Kit
Expand the capabilities of your FirstScope telescope to make it more enjoyable and easier to use using materials in the Accessory Kit. A 12.5mm eyepiece increases the telescope’s power to 24X, which makes it easier to find and observe some objects that require more magnification. The included 6mm eyepiece increases the power to 50X, which enables you to see more details of faint objects. A moon filter, that easily screws into the bottom of the eyepieces, reduces the brightness of the moon and improves contrast so that greater detail can be observed on the lunar surface. A 5 x 24 finderscope and bracket also makes locating astronomical objects quick and easy, because of its wide field of view. Safely transport and store all accessory materials and the telescope with a nylon carrying bag, also provided. The final piece of the kit is The SkyX CD-ROM — full featured planetarium software that allows you to print star charts, display beautiful astronomical photos, identify planets and stars, learn the constellations, and much more.

Ordering information: System requirements are Windows XP and later, or Mac 10.4.8 and later. Unit weight is 69 oz.