Vernier® Centripetal Force Apparatus

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470134-072EA 616.99 USD
Vernier® Centripetal Force Apparatus
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The sensor configuration of the Centripetal Force Apparatus ensures reliable data.

  • User Manual Included
  • Two Support Legs Included
  • Encoder Wheel Included
  • Rotating Assembly Included
  • Platform Can Also Investigate Angular Momentum
This convenient apparatus can be configured to accommodate a force sensor and photogate for the best set of data. Measure angular speed and centripetal force using any photogate and force sensor.

When driven by a falling mass, the platform can also be used to investigate angular momentum. Masses can be added or removed and positioned at variable radii for a variety of outcomes. The apparatus is for educational use only.

Ordering information: This apparatus includes a rectangular frame; two support legs; a rotating assembly consisting of a rotational shaft, encoder wheel, 3-step pulley, rotating beam, and bearing housing; a sliding carriage to hold the test masses; and counterbalance carriage to balance the rotating beam. Sensors are available separately.