Cheese Making Kit

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Cheese Making Kit
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How Is Cheese Made?

  • Make Cheese Using Enzymatic Process
  • Study Harmless Bacteria In An Important Food Process
  • Time Required: Three Consecutive Class Periods
Students will love making cheese using basic modern science concepts and one of the oldest scientific processed enzymatic action. In this easy-to-do experiment, students first add viable, non-toxic bacteria to milk to adjusts the pH and enhances the flavor. They then add a milk clotting enzyme, a fermentation-derived product that is extremely effective at producing cheese curds. The process must be done over a two day period which allows students to study live, harmless bacteria in an important food process as well as the live bacteria itself. Open-ended activity suggestions are Included: in the teacher's guide.

Teacher’s Guide with SDS
Student Worksheets and Guides
Insulated plastic containers
Bottle of Lactobacillus capsules
Bottle of Sodium Chloride
Bottle of milk clotting enzyme
Package of cheesecloth
Package of stirrers
Dry powdered milk (quart size)