Chemistry For Biology Ii

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Chemistry For Biology Ii
Practice basic biochemistry as it applies in biology.

  • Color Change Show Different Types of Carbohydrates
  • Biuret Reagent Tests for Proteins
  • Material for 32 Students in Groups of Four
  • Labs Can Be Reused Four Times
  • Labs Clarify Biochemistry Topics for Biology Students
In this kit, the major topics of biochemistry are illustrated for biology students. Dramatic color changes illustrate different types of carbohydrates. The kit uses Testape to test for glucose and iodine solution to test for starch. The enzyme amylase, found in saliva, breaks starch down into sugar. Students use a biuret reagent to test several substances for the presence of proteins.

The kit has material for 32 students working in groups of four. Labs can be repeated four times.

Ordering information: This kit includes glucose, starch, iodine, sucrose and amylase solution, biuret reagent, and depression plates.