Ward's® Chromosome Simulation Lab Activity

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Excellent - This lab is used to provide students with a hands on experience into understanding chromosomes and cell division overall. The new kit contains pop beads that are easier to pop in a out!! Highly recommend!
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Ward's® Chromosome Simulation Lab Activity
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Chromosome simulation lab activity demonstrates the principles of cell division.

  • Four Exercises: Mitosis, Meiosis, Crossing Over, and Chromosomal Aberration
  • Material for 15 Setups
  • Activities correspond to AP Biology Lab #3
  • Estimated class/lab time required: 45 minutes
  • Teacher's guide included
  • Aligned to NGSS standards (MS/HS: LS1, LS3)
It's easy to grasp the concepts behind cell division with four exercises conducted with colorful pop beads. The exercises cover mitosis, meiosis, crossing over, and chromosomal aberration.

The activities correspond to AP Biology Lab #3. The lab includes enough material for 15 setups, a teacher’s guide, and a student copy master.

The kit is also available for purchase with a link to a NewPath digital lesson, which includes a variety of resources on the topic, including background information, illustrations and self-assessments.