Classification of Matter Kit

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Classification of Matter Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Learn how to use a dichotomous key.

  • Ideal for grades 5-8
  • Learn to classify materials based on their innate characteristics
  • Includes materials for 30 students
This dichotomous key set helps students to learn about the logical method of using a dichotomous key to classify matter by properties. This activity provides students with questions that will help them to classify samples of matter into specific groups. Designed by Texas chemistry teachers Alicia Silva and Frances Sprabary. Topics covered include energy mixtures, pure substances, colloids, suspensions, solutions, elements and compounds.

Ordering information: The kit includes aquarium gravel, sugar, salt water, sulfur, lead shot, glass and delrin beads, milk of magnesia, sand, copper turnings, water, blue-colored water, glue. Includes teacher's guide and student copymaster. Required but not provided: Large test tubes (optional), cider vinegar (optional), food coloring (optional), flashlight (optional).