Closed Case Form Electroscope

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Elkton, MD
Yes, I recommend
Reliable electroscope - The case of the electroscope is sturdy and the window panes easily slid open to access the leaves. the leaves stay on the hooks reliably and give excellent consistent results. It is difficult to measure quantitatively the angle of inclination but its good for observation. I use them for an introductory electrostatics lab in which students put together a model of static electricity and discover the
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Closed Case Form Electroscope
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Closed Case Form Electroscope is enclosed, preventing air currents from affecting the deflection of the leaves.

  • Booklet of Six Leaves
  • Instructions
  • Gold and Aluminum Leaf Construction
  • Enclosed Electroscope
  • Leaves Pivot when Charged
Leaves are a combination of gold and aluminum developed to provide strength without sacrificing sensitivity. Each leaf is suspended from two small hooks for simple installation, and the leaves pivot, rather than bend, when charged.

The metal case eliminates deflections caused by charges residing on glass walls. An insulating plastic sleeve holds the leaf-support rod in place. Front and rear sides of the box are made of a 10 cm square glass pane to allow visibility and shadow projection.

Ordering information: This kit includes a booklet of six leaves and instructions.