Combo-Still™ Fractional Distillation Collector

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470111-802EA 115.3 USD
Combo-Still™ Fractional Distillation Collector
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Organic Synthesis in Microscale Without All the Expensive Glassware

  • Perform organic synthesis, refluxing, and distillation in microscale
  • Set is also reusable and contains enough hardware for one lab setup
  • Activity kits that can be used with the apparatus set are available separately
The Combo-Still™ offers an opportunity to demonstrate or teach organic chemistry in a new and inexpensive way. The inner glass vial contains the reactants and the outer glass vial is filled with silicone oil and is used as a heating bath. Very little heat is needed, and only 2-4 mL of reactant is necessary. The apparatus includes an organic-resistant microplate, experiment stand, thermometer, two glass-bead packed columns (one for reflux, the other for distillation) and a vial of boiling chips. An instruction manual is also included. Fractional Distillation Collector consists of a holder that fits into the Organic Resistant Microplate and six receptacles to collect distillate fractions. Just move the receptacles one-by-one underneath the condenser and collect fractions as necessary.