Justrite® Sure-Grip® EX Compac Flammable Safety Cabinet

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Justrite® Sure-Grip® EX Compac Flammable Safety Cabinet
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Maximize Space and Safety in the Lab

  • Feature Haz-Alert™ reflective warning labels
  • Come with cylinder lock and key and accepts additional padlock
  • Shelves designed to protect against spills
  • Also feature dual vents with flame arresters, adjustable feet, grounding connector, and trilingual warning labels.
Compac Safety Cabinets fit almost anywhere and provide protection even where space is at a premium. These cabinets are ideal when storing lesser quantities of flammable liquids at a workstation or adding to existing storage capacities. Only 23-1/4 in. (591-mm) wide, they hold a full 12 gallons (45 L) of flammables and have all the great features and benefits of our classic Justrite® cabinets.

Ordering information: Ten year manufacturer warranty.