Nakamura Spark Timer

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Spartanburg Com
Yes, I recommend
Works Great! - This timer is one of the best. We used it for the acceleration due to gravity. It gave a very smooth acceleration.
C15-1703 C15-1703-1
470016-992EA 291 USD
470016-992 470145-474
Nakamura Spark Timer
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The Nakamura spark timer provides accurate and precise measurements of time for acceleration experiments.

  • Easy-to-change tape
  • Timer operates at 10 or 60 Hz
  • Easy storage
The spark generator is enclosed in a channel that narrows in the center to prevent tape vibration or sliding for precise dots. Users can adjust the discharge needles by turning a screw on the face of the timer, which reduces tape friction when timing falling objects.

The time includes a padded clamp that can attach the timer to a counter or tabletop. The bottom section of the timer is recessed and can be wound with the 1.7 cm cord around its resin case for storage.

Ordering information: For Canadian customers, ONLY the tape is available. Speak to your Boreal customer service rep for Spark Timer alternatives.

Delivery information: This timer includes one 40m roll of 10mm recording tape, a padded clamp, and a resin case.