Nakamura Spark Timers

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Spartanburg Com
Yes, I recommend
Works Great! - This timer is one of the best. We used it for the acceleration due to gravity. It gave a very smooth acceleration.
C15-1703 C15-1703-1
470016-992EA 318.15 USD
470016-992 470145-474
Nakamura Spark Timers
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High performance spark timer in a compact design.

  • Spark timer device
  • Dual speed options: 10 or 60 Hz
  • Timer size: 90L×97W×37H mm (3.5×3.8×1.5")
  • Tape length: 40 m
  • Tape width: 10 mm
This versatile instrument works well in either a horizontal or vertical position. The discharge tape is enclosed in a channel that narrows in the center to prevent vibration or sliding for precise dots. Users can adjust the discharge needles by turning a screw on the face of the timer, which reduces tape friction when timing falling objects. The recording needle is immediately raised when the timer is turned off to allow easy insertion or removal of the tape. Two settings (10 and 60 Hz) allow for clear printed results, even for relatively slow moving dynamic carts. The blinking LED and sound signal indicates that the timer is 'ON'. For clarity of measurement, the discharge needles leave a double dot a each point. This unit comes complete with a self-storing cord, bench clamp, and a roll of spark tape. Operates on a standard line voltage of 110 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

The time includes a padded clamp that can attach the timer to a counter or tabletop. The bottom section of the timer is recessed and can be wound with the 1.7 cm cord around its resin case for storage.

Ordering information: For Canadian customers, ONLY the tape is available. Speak to your Boreal customer service rep for spark timer alternatives.

Delivery information: Timer includes one roll of discharge tape. Additional rolls are available separately.