Complete Deluxe Optical Bench Kit

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Complete Deluxe Optical Bench Kit
• Ideal student bench
• Sturdy extruded beam
• Heavy duty components
• Full range of experiments

This well-built optical bench works extremely well for students.

The precision extruded beam contains a 120 cm sale graduated in millimeters. The carriers can be locked on at any point, each also has an index pointer. The height of each component and the optical path is continuously adjustable to accommodate different needs.

This complete kit includes the graduated beam and supports, 5 carriers, a Jolly photometer, a graduated translucent screen with support, an opaque screen with cross slits, 2 candle stands, 1 five aperture diaphragm, 2 convex lenses, 1 concave lens, 2 lens holders, 1 plane mirror, 1 pointer, 2 lamp sockets with switches, and instructions.

To continue and expand the learning, we also offer a great teacher's referrance manual with 63 optics experiments listing materials required, preparation information, and conclusions that should be reached and/or results that can be expected. Includes several experiments on optics (Propagation of Light, Mirrors, Refraction, Lenses, Colors, The Eye, Optical Instruments, Waveoptics), and many experiments for the optical bench.