Complete Demonstration Kit

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Complete Demonstration Kit
Use a real ceramic superconductor to demonstrate the Meissner Effect (that a material in a superconducting state will repel a magnet), and determine the critical temperature (Tc) with this inexpensive kit. Kit includes a well-written 16-page booklet containing instructions, background information on superconductivity and guidelines for safe use of liquid nitrogen. Requires the use of liquid nitrogen, commonly sold by welders’ supply houses. For demonstrating the Meissner Effect.
Includes a high quality, 1.5 cm diameter superconductor, a samarium cobalt rare earth magnet, non-magnetic tweezers, and complete safety instructions and teaching tips (including how to use an overhead projector to demonstrate for large classes).Note: this kit requires, but does not include, liquid nitrogen (which is commonly sold by welder’s supply houses).
Sold under license to US patent #7,667,562