Complete Franck–Hertz Experiment in Mercury

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Complete Franck–Hertz Experiment in Mercury
Enclosed Oven and Control Unit Make Experiment Easy, Convenient and Safe

Up to eight individual transition peaks can be displayed on the oscilloscope trace used with this unit—clearly showing the quantum jumps in mercury first found by Franck and Hertz. A metal cabinet houses the tube and oven. Two panels of the cabinet are clear, allowing for visibility of the tube. Another panel has a plainly-marked diagram on the outside, showing where to make connections to the tube. A thermometer fits in the top of the oven cabinet.

The set contains a mercury Franck-Hertz tube; an oven with a built-in temperature controller; a control unit; and a shielded cable with BNC connectors. The oven and control box run on 110 VAC, 60Hz line voltage. The apparatus has a temperature range of 150° to 200°C. The tube is heated to about 170°.

Tube: 3 electrodes; contains small amount of liquid mercury
Max. tube acceleration voltage: 70V
Control unit outputs
Modes: Manual (for voltmeter) or xy-recorder; ramp for oscilloscope or PC interface
Franck-Hertz signal: 0-12V
Accelerating voltage: 0-7V (1/10 of actual, for voltmeter)
Controls: Set potentiometer for heater voltage, acceleration, reverse bias and amplifier gain
Power: 110VAC/80W; cord length 1.7m.
Size: 23.5 x 23 x 17.5cm.
Oven: Thermostatically controlled temperature, max. 240°C
Tube permanently mounted in oven
Power: 110V/450W; cord length 1.7m
Size: 17 x 19 x 33.5cm.

Warning: This product contains mercury and may not be available for sale in your state. Contact customer service for details.