Free Fall Apparatus with Three Photogates

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WLS1820-79EA 473.69 USD
Free Fall Apparatus with Three Photogates
Includes Exclusively Designed Timer and Power Unit

The addition of a third photogate expands the number of applications possible and allows students to study motions more conveniently and accurately than a free fall apparatus with two photogates. When a metal ball is released from an electromagnet on the top of the apparatus, time intervals are shown on a large four-digit display. A digital timer and power unit designed exclusively for this unit measures the acceleration due to gravity. The tripod is made of cast iron for maximum stability. This 150 cm. apparatus comes with an electromagnet launcher, three wired photogates, two steel balls, a plumb, and a catcher. Includes photogates and timer. CSA approved. 6.5" x 6.5" x 5".