Complete Plant Lab Kit

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470111-210EA 325 USD
Complete Plant Lab Kit
Here is everything you will need for gardening—at your fingertips! Contents include all materials recommended for the 40 botany projects outlined in the PlantMobile Teacher’s Guide.• 8 lbs sterilized potting soil• 12 oz insecticide• mist sprayer• 3 qt bag peat moss• soil testing kit• 4 oz growth inhibitor• 4 lbs ammonium sulfate• 2 oz rooting powder• 8-page lesson plan with planting instructions• 8 oz plant food• 24-4" and 24-10" plastic labeling stakes• 4 lbs super phosphate• 4 lbs potash• 4 qt perlite growth stimulator• 8 oz fungicide• 4 oz gibberelic acid• 4 rolls cellophane (red, blue, green, clear)Also includes the following seeds: tomato, lettuce, marigold, albino corn, hybrid corn, soybeans, tall salvia, dwarf salvia, bush beans and seedless watermelon.