Complete Precision Air Table

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Complete Precision Air Table
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
The Complete Precision Air Table helps investigate low-friction collisions.

  • Instructions with Suggested Experiments Included
  • Air Table Made of Heavy Glass
  • Air Compressor Included
  • Spark Sources Works with Six Frequencies
The recording system on this air table makes it easy to take good quantitative measurements from an air-table experiment.

A spark from the spark generator leaves a mark on the recording paper placed in the table. Students then use a protractor and centimeter scale to take measurements. The spark source can be operated at six different frequencies.

Storage recommendation for Carbon paper: Carbon papers should be stored in a dry place as the backing paper is sensitive to dampness. If not stored properly, the backing sheet will be difficult to remove from the carbon sheet.

Certifications: CSA approved.

Delivery information: This kit includes an air table made of heavy glass with a metal frame, air compressor, aluminum support for air hoses, air-supply hose, spark generator, two 550 g steel pucks, one 160 g auxiliary mass for unequal mass collisions, Velcro adhesive puck collars, two springs, four table pins, one orbital post with suction cup, two wire collars with hooks for pucks, a pulley, 100 sheets of recording paper, one sheet of carbon paper, and an instruction manual with suggested experiments.