Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus

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Complete Properties of Electrons Apparatus
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Explore Electron Behavior in Electric and Magnetic Fields And Measure e/m

Explore Electron Behavior in Electric and Magnetic Fields And Measure e/mAn innovative approach to this important topic, this compact apparatus is centered around a small CRT with a 3" circular screen and contains all the circuitry and accessories needed to fully explore the behavior of an electron beam in electric and magnetic fields, and to measure e/m. Using a grid attached to the face of the CRT to track the position that the electron beam impacts the screen, you can makequantitative investigations of deflection in a transverse electric field, focusing in an inhomogeneous longitudinal electric field, deflection in a transverse magnetic field, and spiral motion about a longitudinal magnetic field, which is also used to calculate e/m. The unit operates on 110VAC, and is fitted into a tough aluminum case, which also provides storage space for the included coils needed for the magnetic field work. The electronics are completely enclosed, with three LED displays for the electron beam accelerating voltage, the electrostatic deflection voltages, and the magnet currents. Control and selection knobs for these functions are clearly marked. A pair of coils for creating the transverse magnetic field plugs directly into built-in jacks on either side of the CRT, and two leads are provided for connecting the solenoid that fits over the CRT for longitudinal field generation. A reversing switch is provided for the magnet current. Includes manual with specifications and full experiment descriptions.