Comprehensive Animal Cell Model

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Yes, I recommend
The Comprehensive Animal Cell models purchased from Wards Science were excellent to use to teach students on Biology, Anatomy and Physiology because it helped them to retain what they learned when they used all their human senses: vision, hearing, and touching.
Reply associate Published 10/29/2018
Great to hear! Thanks for sharing!
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Council Bluffs,
Yes, I recommend
Excellent Cell Model - This model is large enough to see details of the cell. It is very good for teaching. The model seems to be very stable on its base. It is made of quality materials; mostly a very durable plastic. Should survive most classroom related accidents!
470007-356EA 750 USD
Comprehensive Animal Cell Model
Models Molecular Biology Models
This model is made of translucent material that simulates cytoplasm.

  • Large Structure for Easy Visibility
  • Clear Plastic for Enhanced View of Internal Organelles
  • Reference Key Included
  • Model Enlarged Approximately 12,000 Times
Beautifully depicted in ten brilliant colors, the model details the interior of an animal cell and the interrelationships among organelles. It’s enlarged approximately 12,000 times with clearly distinguishable organelles and inclusions including endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, centrioles, nucleus, and nucleolus. The sectioned cell also has a cutaway nucleus to show its inner structure.

The one-piece model is mounted on a base.The model includes a key identifying 18 structures.