Comprehensive Water Monitoring Kit

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An engaging and interactive way for students to learn about water quality. Feedback from our programs has shown that students are noticeably more interested in environmental science after participating in water monitoring experiments with this kit.
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Comprehensive Water Monitoring Kit
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Most factors can be tested 100 times each with the Comprehensive Water Monitoring Kit.

  • No hazardous compounds needed for testing
  • Monitoring kit manual is in english and spanish
  • Single-factor test kits
  • Enough TesTabs to test nine factors 100 times each
  • Aligned to NGSS 4-ESS2-1, 4-ESS2-2, MS-LS2-1, MS-LS2-5, MS-ESS3-3, HS-LS2-7, HS-ESS2-5, HS-ESS3-4
Using TesTabs, which are safe, nonhazardous reagent tablets, students can easily test for a variety of factors without risk. Developed by the Global Rivers Environmental Education Network, each monitoring kit comes with a bilingual (English and Spanish) manual.

The kit include enough TesTabs to test nine factors. Test factors include benthic macroinvertebrates, biochemical oxygen demand, coliform bacteria, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, pH, phosphate, turbidity, and temperature change. The kit have enough material for 100 tests each (44 coliform tests; unlimited benthic invertebrate, turbidity, and temperature change tests).