Concepts Of Classification Kit

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Columbus, OH
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Okay Kit - The kit itself is pretty easy to recreate, so the price seems a little high for what you are getting. However, it does come with the convenience that you don't have to create the objects (You do have to punch them out).Pros:Not a lot of work required on your part to do this activity in class.Students have an easy time describing the objects in enough detail that they can identify them.The in
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Concepts Of Classification Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Classification Learning Activities
Discover That Characteristics Can Be Used To Define Objects

  • Discover That Characteristics Can Be Used To Define Objects
  • Learn That There Are Various Kinds And Types Of Characteristics
  • Reusable
  • Time Required: One 50 Minute Class Period
This lab activity provides a controlled environment for exploring a rather complex concept: the classification of things different and similar at the same time.
Students learn that 20 different objects can be assigned to different groups based on color, shape, size, type of edge, structure and number of sides. With these materials, they are able to grasp the general concept of characteristics and order. Students can comprehend the importance of these characteristics in the identification process.

Students label traits, define objects by their traits, determine grouping characteristics and relate this knowledge directly to animal and plant taxonomy and classification. The experience gained from this Lab-Aid clarifies for your students the idea of order among the many types of plants, animals and minerals, which helps to identify or classify them for reference. It also illustrates the importance of accurate observations and descriptions.

Ordering information: Kit contents include: Blue figures, Blue 18cm rulers, Pink figures, Pink 18cm rulers, Student Worksheet and Guides, and Teacher's Guide.