Visible Conductivity Indicator

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Visible Conductivity Indicator
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Fast, Easy, and Accurate.

  • Easily distinguish between strong and weak conductors
  • Can be used with microscale amounts of solution
Measure the conductivity of different solids and liquids with this indicator that is sensitive enough to detect the free H+ ions in water and register low conductivity for 70% ethyl alcohol. It responds to liquids in volumes as small as 0.1 ml. This model incorporates a long-lasting LED bulb, which will indicate a strong conductor by continuous blinking. In contrast, a weak conductor is indicated by a continuous dull red glow, while a non-conductor will not cause the LED to light in any way. The probes are gold plated to reduce corrosion and extend the life of the unit. Instructions and Chemplate are included. One 9V battery, required, is available separately.