Content-Intensive Info Posters

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Content-Intensive Info Posters
Comprehensive Overview in Text and Imagery

  • Decorate your walls with information your students can use
Extraordinary images and fact-filled text combine in these vivid posters, offering students detailed information on key science concepts. They make ideal additions to your classroom to introduce subject matter.

Animal Kingdom 2: presents the new cladistics classification system. Six newly established phyla / clades have been added as well as eleven containing only extinct species. Brightly colored poster features detailed images.

Plant Kingdom 2 : features detailed depictions and images of the Linnaeus classifications of the Plant Kingdom

The Fish : shows the three major clades of fish (jawless fish, cartilaginous fish, and the bony fish) through vivid images and detailed descriptions

Mammals: the orders of mammals through an easy to understand comprehensive overview divided into three sections representing the three types of mammals: Egg-laying Monotreme, the pouched marsupials, and the familiar placental mammals.
Birds : the new Sibley-Ahlquist bird classification system based on recent DNA studies, it uses cladistics to reconstruct the evolutionary family tree. All of the bird clades are explored.
Arthropods : each of the five clades of Arthropods is carefully explored in with highly detailed illustrations show an incredible 98 species, many life-size. All are identified by both common and scientific name.
Moths : features 96 detailed illustrations that show the diversity of this organism.