Corning Microscale Chemistry Glassware Sets-Pyrex

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Corning Microscale Chemistry Glassware Sets-Pyrex
Experiments that present safety or disposal problems at the macro level become safer, practical and economical at the micro level. Specifically designed for microscale applications in organic chemistry, these glassware sets allow experimentation on a much smaller scale than is possible with standard-sized glassware. Micro quantities of chemicals are used so exposure is reduced, making them safer and easier for students to handle. And, with smaller amounts of chemicals, it's less expensive and storage/disposal problems are minimized. Not only is microscale chemistry safer for students and kinder to our environment, chemical reactions are faster so more can be accomplished in a single class period. The sets were originally designed by Corning for the experiments described in Microscale Organic Laboratory (by Dana W. Mayo, et al, John C. Wiley & Sons), but components are perfect for any microscale program. Each set is furnished in a foam-lined, molded polyethylene carry/storage case.