Coulomb's Law Apparatus

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470016-084EA 79.05 USD
Coulomb's Law Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
This apparatus makes Coulomb’s Law simple for educators and students.

  • Rigid Fiberboard Housing
  • Hinged-Glass Front Window
  • Rugged Wooden Base
  • Guide Block
  • Simple, Affordable Way to Demonstrate Coulomb's Law
It consists of a rigid fiberboard housing with a hinged-glass front window mounted on a rugged wooden base. The base has a groove to guide the wooden block in and out of the housing.

The bottom of the housing contains a grid, and an adjustable mirror and ruler are mounted on the back wall.

Ordering information: This apparatus includes both a Masonite and a Lucite top, a guide block, acetate and vinyl strips, graphite-coated spheres, cotton and wool cloth squares, monofilament, and polyethylene insulators.