Crime Scene 3: The Drug Bust

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Education / Teacher / Torontto
No, I didn't recommend
This lab is terrible. Do not purchase it. The instructions were incomplete, inaccurate and the chromatography part didn't work. I am not impressed with these lab kits.
Reply associate Published 01/27/2021
We're sorry that this lab activity did not meet your needs. We will be addressing this negative feedback with the manufacturer of the kit immediately. Thank you for your review, your feedback is very important to us.
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Walnut Creek, C
No, I didn't recommend
Do Not Waste Your Money - This lab is worthless for the Forensics Classroom. It cannot be used among several groups and my lab was missing materials. The write up is incomplete and vague. I'm sure most teachers can come up with something more cleaver given the materials available in your chemistry store room.
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Wooster, OH
No, I didn't recommend
Low quality supplies - I was hoping to use this product with my forensic science classes. Unfortunately due to the cheap containers used to hold the liquid most of them had leaked empty by the time I went to use the kit mid school year. In fact, of the 3 labs I ordered from this product line, all of them had at least one of the plastic vials leak out all of the fluid. The photograph makes these supplies look durable, th
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Crime Scene 3: The Drug Bust
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Crime Scene Evidence Learning Activities
Students Apply Science Principles and Relate the Conclusion to a Criminal Investigation

  • Case-Based Scenario
  • Biology and Chemistry Concepts
All the intrigue, mystery, and excitement of an actual case arrives in your lab with this lab activity.

Here’s a chance to relate biology and chemistry to the real life application of criminal investigations. Includes a teacher’s guide, reproducible student instructions, and enough materials for 12 setups.

Your students will be the forensic experts charged with clearing the innocent students from a drug bust at an exclusive school. They will be performing various chemicals tests to determine who is truly innocent.