Crime Scene Investigations

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Crime Scene Investigations
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Forensics Textbooks
Pam Walker and Elaine Wood

  • Grades 6-12
  • Softcover
  • Lesson ready
Apply scientific techniques to the real world by teaching your students to see through the eyes of a crime scene investigator. This book is divided into four sections that each cover a different branch of science, so no matter what you teach, you can use these investigations to supplement your curriculum. Section 1 focuses on observation, experimentation, and critical thinking; section 2 teaches techniques used in the physical sciences; section 3 looks at evidence left by living things and employs techniques used in life science analysis; and section 4 explores how archeology and anthropology can influence the outcome of an investigation. Each section contains several lessons that include background information and a lab investigation. Softcover, 273 pages.