NewPath® Interactive Hight School Chemistry Review: CD and Study Cards

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NewPath® Interactive Hight School Chemistry Review: CD and Study Cards
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Chemistry Flashcards
Engage Students In An Extensive Variety of Chemistry Topics

With a total of 750 illustrated review cards that covers a span of 25 key topics with 30 questions each, this set ensures that students obtain both the most expansive and comprehensive coverage of chemistry topics. Given in a fun and engaging manner that is easy to implement, students will learn about these standards based topics including "Introduction to Matter, States of Matter, Chemical Names and Formulas and Bonding" just to name a few. Each study card set is accompanied by a Classroom Presentation/Assessment CD that features review questions given in an interactive flashcard mode. Also included is a Resource/Instruction card that offers suggestions based on whether this will be implemented in an individual manner or with a group setting. Use this on an interactive whiteboard or a computer for both reinforcement and review.

Includes topics: The Science of Chemistry; Introduction to Matter; States of Matter; Atomic Structure I; Atomic Structure II; Elements I; Elements II; The Periodic Table I; The Periodic Table II; Chemical Names; Formulas & Bonding; Chemical Equations; Chemical Compounds I; Chemical Compounds II; The Mole; Solutions; Compounds; Gases; Acids, Bases & Salts; Oxidation; Reduction & Electrochemistry; The Chemistry of Life; Nuclear Chemistry; Measurements & Calculations; and Lab Investigations/Scientific Method.