Curriculum Mastery® Study Cards: Middle School Earth Science Review

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Curriculum Mastery® Study Cards: Middle School Earth Science Review
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Provides for An Engaging Review

With a total of 750 illustrated review cards that covers a span of 25 key topics with 30 questions each, this set ensures that students obtain both the most expansive and comprehensive coverage of earth science topics. Given in a fun and engaging manner that is easy to implement, students will learn about these standards based topics including geologic time, plate tectonics, and our solar system just to name a few. Each study card set is accompanied by a Classroom Presentation/Assessment CD that features review questions given in an interactive flashcard mode. Also included is a Resource/Instruction card that offers suggestions based on whether this will be implemented in an individual manner or with a group setting. Use this on an interactive whiteboard or a computer for both reinforcement and review.

Topics to include the following: Introduction to Earth Science; Maps as Models of the Earth/Contour Models; Minerals; Rocks; Fossils; Earth’s Energy Resources;Geologic Time; Plate Tectonics; Earthquakes; Volcanoes; Weathering of Rocks & Soil Formation; Earth’s Fresh Water; Groundwater Resources; Agents of Erosion & Deposition; Exploring the Oceans/Oceanography; The Movement of Ocean Water; Earth’s Atmosphere; Understanding Weather; Weather Patterns; Climate; Studying & Exploring Space; Stars, Galaxies & the Universe; The Sun-Earth-Moon System; Our Solar System; and Our Impact on Earth.