Curvature of Space/Time

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Physics / Educator / New York, NY
No, I didn't recommend
Lousy product. The picture shows a nice, molded plastic frame and shiny new weights. What arrives is a scuffed up particle board cheapo looking thing. (i.e. not pretty) The spheres were rusty. I thought the balls would 'orbit' around the masses at least a few times, but they barely go around once without colliding. (note: the instructions say: "collisions between balls are to be ignored" ha. That's hard when they're always colliding...) In short, it seems like it would be cool, but be prepared to be disappointed.
Reply associate Published 05/11/2016
We are very sorry that you were not satisfied with this product. We've reached out to the vendor for the Curvature of Space/Time apparatus, and were told that it does take some practice to perform the experiment with the two hooked masses and to get a figure-eight shaped pass. The vendor would like to send you replacement steel balls; please look out for direct correspondence from one of our team members. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important.
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Curvature of Space/Time
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Visualize gravity in space with this very unique device.

  • Sturdy Base
  • Includes masses
A framed oval of Spandex fabric, whose shape is distorted by position masses, serves to simulate the gravitational behavior of objects. Two masses and two balls are provided to demonstrate plausible orbits around one-mass and two-mass systems in a very tactile way. Using the large and small steel balls, the mutual attraction of any pair of masses is easily demonstrated. Takes a bit of practice but is well worth the effort to demonstrate a concept typically difficult to visualize.