Ward's® Daphnia Culturing Kit

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Ward's® Daphnia Culturing Kit
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Culture your own specimens for a constant supply of Daphnia magna to feed your fish, or to study.

  • Daphnia make an excellent food source for small fish and amphibians
  • Culture your own supply
  • Watch the life cycle of this small crustacean
Produce large quantities of Daphnia for experiments or as a food source, and teach students about the Daphnia life cycle at the same time.

You receive everything necessary to culture Daphnia in your own lab.

The kit contains:
Coupon for a Daphnia starter culture
3-gallon aquarium
air-line tubing
air stone and air valve
Air Pump
Two dip nets

Ordering information: Kit contents include a coupon for a Daphnia starter culture, 3-gallon aquarium, air-line tubing, air stone and air valve, air pump, media, two dip nets, pipet, and instructions. Please provide a date that the live or perishable components will arrive.

Delivery information: The kit will ship separately from the live component. Kits do not contain perishable components and generally ship via UPS ground.

Perishable components will ship via overnight or second day delivery.