Ward's® Live Water Fleas (Daphnia magna)

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Education / Science Head / Stouffville, Ontario
Yes, I recommend
The order arrived exactly when we needed it. The Daphnia were active and the students were able to see exactly what we were hoping they would see.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 10/29/2019
We're happy to hear this! Thanks for sharing.
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Yes, I recommend
Daphnia were in bad shape when we received them but when I contacted wards they were very nice and quickly sent a replacement culture. Thank you for the excellent customer service
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 10/31/2022
We apologize for the inconvenience that you've faced regarding the daphnia culture that didn't survive. Our customer service department is working to locate your order so that we can send you a no cost replacement. In the future, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately so that we may remedy the problem.
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University of T
No, I didn't recommend
Daphnia magna - I ordered this and all other daphnia twice before. They came in bad shape, once were replaced. They did not survive very long.I used to order from Wards and never had this problem. Also the amount given was very small.I ordered elswere this year
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Ward's® Live Water Fleas (Daphnia magna)
Specimens Live Specimens Animals - Living Material
Daphnia are a widely studied small crustacean used for a number of physiology studies including the effects of drugs on heartbeat and temperature on metabolism.

  • Excellent source of food for small invertebrates amphibians
  • Easy and safe to handle, great for observation
Daphnia magna belong to the order Cladocera. Can be kept for short periods of time at room temperature, with the cap loosened. Use only dechlorinated tap water or spring water.

Ordering information: These products contain living or perishable materials. Please specify a delivery date