Ward's® Deluxe Model Stream Table Kits

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Ward's® Deluxe Model Stream Table Kits
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Stream table kits For the most detailed and thorough demonstrations of sediment transport.

  • Hands-on learning of coastal environments
  • Investigate water movement and how coastlines can change
Demonstrate coastline formation with a wavemaker, follow the course of a stream and more with this table-size stream table kit. Heavy, seamless plastic construction provides years of leakproof use.

Ordering information: Replacement or additional power supplies and pump available for purchase.

Delivery information: Includes a power pack and pump for variable water flow, sediment trap, internal water reservoir, and wave-maker. 125 VAC with 71/2' cord on power pack, 8' cord on pump. The combinations packs also include the rainfall simulator, terrain feature model, contour map grid, and a 32 page stream table investigation model.