Denoyer-Geppert® Deluxe Knowbody™ Torso

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Denoyer-Geppert® Deluxe Knowbody™ Torso
Models Human Biology Models
Much more internally detailed than the Basic and Advanced KnowBody torsos, with emphasis placed on the brain, cardiopulmonary and digestive organs, the Deluxe KnowBody has a detachable head which aids in studies of the brain, head and neck. Other detachable parts include: Eyeball with extraocular muscles, 4-part brain half with arteries, Left lung with ribs (with blood vessels and bronchioles sectioned open), Right lung with ribs (with blood vessels and bronchioles intact), Heart (2 halves), Liver and gallbladder with color-coded blood vessels and ducts (includes diaphragm section), Stomach (2 halves), Large intestine, and Small intestine. Overall height is 97 cm.