Demo Electric Motor

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470014-464EA 79.45 USD
Demo Electric Motor
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The construction of the multi-functional Demo Electric Motor is completely open.

  • Three Copper Wire-Wound Armatures
  • Visible Parts
  • Removable Bar Magnet Produces a Permanent Magnetic Field
  • Phosphor-Bronze Brushes
  • Motor Operates on 4.5—9VDC
All parts of the motor are visible, so students can observe their inner workings. A model of a simple DC electric motor, this device has three armatures: two pole, three pole, and four pole, which are wound with enameled copper wire. A removable bar magnet produces a permanent magnetic field.

A disc-type commentator is incorporated, and a pair of 4 mm sockets provides an external connection to the phosphor-bronze brushes. The motor operates on 4.5—9VDC.