Book, A Demonstration A Day ... Especially For Life Science Classes (Mcmillan)

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Book, A Demonstration A Day ... Especially For Life Science Classes (Mcmillan)
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Mike McMillian

The purpose of this follow-up to the popular Demonstration a Day – Chemistry, is not so much to give students answers, but to get them to ask themselves questions they may have never asked themselves before, to wonder about things they may have never wondered about before, and to come to a realization that they do not have to go to the moon to uncover important mysteries as they are right beneath their feet waiting to be discovered. Each of the 185 demonstrations in this book was designed to be short, quick and to the point and to address a fundamental biological concept or process in a fun and ingenious way. They are also meant to show students that there is often more than one way to look at a process. Most of all, it is hoped that once their attention is captured, they will be challenged to do further research on their own. Demonstrations explore the biology of deep space, the process of fermentation, oxidation, enzymes, resonance structures and more. Includes reproducible pages.