Denoyer-Geppert® Motor Neuron Diorama Model

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Yes, I recommend
This product fulfilled my expectations and was very useful for classes.
Reply associate Published 09/25/2017
Thank you for sharing!
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Denoyer-Geppert® Motor Neuron Diorama Model
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This high-quality model, enlarged 2500 times, is placed on a background with an artistic rendition of a skeletal muscle fiber and other neurons, showing how the neurons and muscle fibers interact.

  • Model Depicts a Neuron in Its Functional Setting
  • Visible Branching Dendrites, Myelin-Wrapped Axon, and Synapse Featured
  • Artistic Rendition of a Skeletal Muscle Fiber Included
The cell body of the model has been cut away to expose the cytological ultrastructure, making branching dendrites, a myelin-wrapped axon, and a synapse all clearly visible. The different layers of the myelin sheath, which is formed by Schwann cells wrapping themselves around the nerve, can be studied by lifting off a section of the axon.

The two-part model is mounted on a hardwood base.