Density Flow Model

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Density Flow Model
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Bring the Earth Sciences to life and satisfy National Science Standards with one of these versatile Density Flow Models. Developed by a teacher, these teacher demonstration models are the most complete, most useful tools for simulating the realistic flow of fluids in nature (i.e., weather systems, ocean circulation, mountain building, and plate tectonics).

  • Density Flow Models are available in two sizes
  • Complement Earth Science, Physical Science, General Science, and Integrated Science curricula in grades 6-12+
  • Fascinating to observe, demonstrations can easily be expanded into an entire science unit
  • Accompanying manuals include setup instructions, student activity masters, and answer keys
With the full-size kit, demonstrate important density concepts to an entire classroom. Challenge students to use scientific inquiry techniques to explore geology, meteorology, freshwater, and saltwater systems. Using the illuminated flow of colored fluids, students can visualize abstract concepts related to plate tectonics, isostasy, sea-floor spreading, air masses, fronts, air pressure, winds, ocean currents, thermoclines, haloclines, upwelling, El Nino, and more. The “Original” full-size model includes more simulations and materials than the “junior” model, and the fluid motions last much longer. The accompanying curriculum was updated in 2023 to include a new “Isostasy” activity.

At half the size and about half the cost of the standard unit, the junior model is also illuminated and includes nearly all of the same demonstrations (except sea floor spreading and upwelling). Engage students in small groups with dramatic simulations of the earth’s dynamic natural processes. Accompanying activities encourage students to ask: “What if…?” and watch as a teacher tests their hypotheses.