Density: Layers of Liquids Kit

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Density: Layers of Liquids Kit
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What Is Density?!

  • A substance has characteristic properties, which are independent of the amount of sample
  • A mixture of substances often can be separated into the original substances using one or more characteristic properties
  • Requires one 50 minute class period
Help students develop an operational definition of density. In this activity kit, liquids of different viscosity and density are provided, and students are asked to observe and predict, based on their observations, the relative density of each. They then test their predictions and develop an understanding of density by preparing sequences of liquid layers. When students are given values for the density of each liquid, the next challenge is to use this information to estimate the density of an unknown solid. Finally, there is an optional activity to design and carry out an experiment to determine the density of a fourth liquid.

Ordering information: Materials include Red Liquid, Green Liquid, Yellow Liquid, Density Tubes (LAB-AIDSĀ®), End Caps for Density Tubes, Vial.