Dew Point and Relative Humidity Lab in °C and °F

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Ward's Dew Point and Relative Humidity is a great lab activity for teaching these concepts to 8th graders. My issues are that the metal cups tend to rust and its hard to determine when the dew forms. The original lab set I bought had small black cups that I still use and its much easier for students to see the condensation. Also, the thermometers in the psychrometers tend to shift and move so its difficult to calibrate them and keep them accurate.
Reply associate Published 06/16/2018
We are sorry to hear that the dew point and relative humidity did not meet your expectations. The black coated cups are no longer available. The kit contains metal cans to conduct the cold temperature of the ice more quickly than a plastic one will. Drying the cans thoroughly after each use should help to deter rust from forming. We value your feedback and hope to surpass your expectations in future orders.
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Dew Point and Relative Humidity Lab in °C and °F
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This lab helps students discover the edicts of dew point and relative humidity.

  • For grades seven through 10
  • Material for 10 groups provided
  • Six separate labs
  • Students learn to recognize effects of dew point and relative humidity
  • Instructions included
  • Aligned to NGSS standards (MS/HS: ESS2)
While students may not realize the effects of dew point and relative humidity, these two factors often determine the way in which scientists characterize weather (humid, dry, etc.). In this lab, developed by Earth Science teacher Susan Hoeffner, students compare Celsius and Fahrenheit dew point and relative humidity readings by performing six separate labs (three each using the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales)

After measuring the dew point, students, working in groups of three, use a sling psychrometer to obtain wet and dry-bulb temperature readings and determine the dew point temperature and relative humidity. The psychrometer is designed to stay securely attached. This lab is for grades seven through 10.

The kit is also available for purchase with a link to a NewPath digital lesson, which includes a variety of resources on the topic, including background information, illustrations and self-assessments.

Ordering information: This lab includes 10 sling psychrometers, 10 thermometers, and 10 metal cans, a hygrometrical table, relative humidity charts (°C and °F), depression wet-bulb table, and complete instructions with lab activities. Additional sling psychrometers are available separately.