Dielectric Constant Experiment

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Dielectric Constant Experiment
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Study the dielectric properties of ferroelectric ceramics over temperature with this dramatic demonstration. This experiment includes one of the most versatile ferroelectric materials, Barium Titanate. The dielectric constant of Barium Titanate increases as the temperature increases. As the temperatures reaches the Curie temperature of the sample, the dielectric constant changes dramatically due to change in the crystalline shape of the sample. The experiment includes a sample holder with spring loaded probes for measurement, temperature controlled oven with built in RTD (ambient to 473K with accuracy and resolution of 1K, capacitance meter (50–6000 pf with resolution of 1pf), and a Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) sample. 110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz. Dimensions: 63 x 33 x 27cm; weight: 18 lbs.