DNA Paternity Testing Simulation

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DNA Paternity Testing Simulation
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This simulation introduces students to the use of DNA fingerprinting.

  • Real-World Connection
  • Time Required: 45 Minutes
  • Simulation Involves Paternity Determination
  • Basic Concepts of DNA Testing Instruction
  • Instructions Included
This hypothetical paternity determination activity compares the DNA of a child with DNA from two possible fathers to find a biological match.

The experiment is an excellent way to teach fundamentals and practical applications of DNA electrophoresis as well as one of the most compelling and difficult social issues to arise from DNA testing.

Ordering information: Transfer pipets (automatic micropipettes with tips and pipet pump), electrophoresis tank, power supply, and water bath are required but not included.

Delivery information: This simulation includes instructions, ready-to-load DNA, agarose, practice gel-loading solution, electrophoresis buffer, InstaStain Blue, and FlashBlue stain.