Ward's® Dolomite (Coarse)

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Educator/Geologist / Science Integration Teacher / Milwaukee, WI
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Initially, I ordered this product thinking I would get dolomite rock. I just searched for dolomite and only one product appeared. The picture and description seemed to generally describe what I wanted. What I consider to be dolomite rock, Ward's offers products called dolostone. When I did my search for dolomite, I did not think to search for dolostone. Ward's graciously sent me their dolostone rock at no additional cost. In the scientific literature, dolomite and dolostone can both be used to describe a rock type, while dolomite can also be used to describe the mineral. I suggest the descriptions of both the rock sample and mineral sample be enhanced to eliminate confusion and offer more description. The pictures and descriptions were helpful to me, but not conclusive. Current Ward's descriptions of their products: Ward's® Dolomite (Coarse): White to gray, medium to coarse-grained, crystalline. Ward's® Dolostone (Buff): Fine, crystalline, characteristic dolostone. Ward's® Dolostone (Gray): Dense Dolostone.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 07/10/2017
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Ward's® Dolomite (Coarse)
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White to gray, medium to coarse-grained, crystalline.

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