Dual Chamber Poly Pro™ Water Bath

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470121-232EA 1099 USD
Dual Chamber Poly Pro™ Water Bath
Baths Water Baths, Unstirred
Keep media warm, complete PCR procedures with precise temperature control, and so much more.

  • 5.5 L capacity per chamber
  • ± 0.4 °C temperature uniformity
  • Ambient to 99.9 °C temperature range
The unique polypropylene dual chamber of this water bath is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and is easy to clean. Equipped with a low water detection system, the dual chamber will also sound an alarm and shut off power to the heater if the water level is below one inch.

Additional safety features include a wide flange on the exterior of the unit to prevent leaking. Easy to operate, the bath's digital display shows three digits in 1°C increments.

The WiFi model allows logging data to the cloud or computer, and monitoring/controlling the bath remotely.

Ordering information: Includes two covers, instructions, and a two year-warranty.