Earth and Space, Force and Motion Demonstrator

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470145-070EA 109 USD
Earth and Space, Force and Motion Demonstrator
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Astronomy Learning Activities
Versatile Visual Aid for Overhead Projector or Desk Use

  • Can be used on an overhead projector or lab table
  • Demonstrates important physical principles
  • Includes a teacher's guide
Illustrate a wide range of force and motion principles behind gravity fields, trajectories and orbits, magnetic fields, coriolis effect, black holes, rotation, and revolution — all with one innovative device. Using an overhead projector or lab table, students conduct experiments with super magnets, moving objects, event templates, and a transparent (8 1/2") motion wheel. These investigations provide first-hand observations of Earth’s motion. Extension activities also allow you to use the device to explore Earth’s heat transfer cycles; including radiation, conduction, and convection currents and their impact on both air and ocean circulation, and the movement of magma deep beneath the Earth’s crust. The demonstrator includes one Plexiglas wheel, two super magnets, clear tubing, bumper pads, steel balls, and a variety of clips and connectors, along with a detailed teacher’s guide, and set of activity transparencies.