Interactive Whiteboard Science Lessons: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather

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Interactive Whiteboard Science Lessons: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather
Software Earth Science Educational Software
Complement Any Lesson with Digital Interaction

  • Lesson Presentation : Begin with a series of narrated, visual presentations of the designated topic, each featuring highly-detailed graphics and illuminating animations
  • Interactive Activities : Simulate a variety of real-world lab activities, plus a virtual lab investigation, using a digital Lab Activity Guide
  • Visual Resources : Explore additional images for greater understanding, as well as individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation Module
  • Vocabulary : Provides illustrated view of key vocabulary, allowing students to choose any of the terms along with their corresponding images and definitions
  • Assessment : Reinforce topics covered with a series of assessment/review questions for use in either a Quiz Mode, Practice Mode or Play Mode
Designed for multi-sensory learning, these multimedia lessons and activities provide students with a truly digital learning experience, and are compatible with any computer or interactive whiteboard. Enhance any science lesson with life-like digital graphics and animations with comprehensive coverage of topics and one-on-one student interaction and assessment. Every topic includes a digital, inquiry-based student activity guide and the following five teaching modules, plus a stimulating virtual lab investigation.

Explore the basics of meteorology with five interactive activities including The Atmosphere, Weather Factors, Clouds, Weather Patterns, and Predicting the Weather. Also includes Virtual Lab Investigation: Forecasting the Weather. Recommended for grades 6-12. Meets national science standards and state standards for California, Florida, New York, and Texas. Single User License and Site License for Single Building available.