Eco-celli Barometer

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470005-278EA 348.95 USD
Eco-celli Barometer
Completely Mercury-Free and Extremely Accurate

  • Unique scale compensates for changes in temperature
  • Barometer has a large, easy to read scale
The barometer portion of this combination instrument consists of a 64"-long U-shaped tube filled with a red non-toxic silicon fluid and gas. Adjacent to the barometer tube is a 32"-long blue methyl-alcohol thermometer. A truly unique scale slides between the thermometer and barometer and compensates for thermal expansion of the silicon fluid and glass tubing due to changes in temperature. This allows for accurate measurement of the air pressure. In addition, the barometer’s scale is four times larger than a standard mercury scale, making it much easier to read. The glass tubes for both the barometer and the thermometer mount on a durable clear acrylic base. The unit also comes with a calibration kit so you can adjust it for accurate readings if you live at an altitude above sea level. Thermometer scale: 32–122°F /0–51°C; barometer scale: 28.80–31.00" Hg/975–1050 hPa. Size: 36 1/2"L x 5 3/4"W.