Ecology Under the Microscope Microslide

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Ecology Under the Microscope Microslide
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Investigate ecological processes and life cycles.

  • Arrows help students locate important features
  • Mounted in a clear plastic holder that protects it on both sides
  • Set of 15 includes detailed lesson plan on the topic under study
Old atoms never die. Atoms that may have once belonged to a dinosaur may now be in your blood and tissues. This set shows students how the microscopic world helps to keep the world ecosystem in balance as it follows the on-going cycle of producers, consumers and decomposers.

Introduce junior and senior high school students to the world of microscopy with inexpensive, unbreakable Microslides. Microslides consist of a strip of film with eight photomicrographs, each reproduced exactly as you would see them through a professional microscope under ideal conditions. You can supply all your students with their own Microslides. A detailed text folder is included. Viewers are available separately.

Algae – Diatom (200×) / Pediastrum (200×)
Protozoa – Blepharisma (200×) / Suctorian (200×)
Starfish embryos (200×)
Arthropods – Cyclops (10×)
Nematodes (40X)
Virus on E. coli (60000×)
Fungi – Penicillium (200×)
Bacteria – Spirillum (400×)