Polyethylene Dissecting Pan Sets

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470006-176EA 48.4 USD
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Polyethylene Dissecting Pan Sets
Trays/Dishes/Pots Dissecting Trays
Pans are lightweight and chemically inert.

  • Four Sizes Available
  • Lightweight
  • Chemically Inert
  • Flip-Resistant Polyethylene Pan Included
About 10 inches in length, the economy size is ideal for worms, clams, locusts, and more. The standard size is approximately 11 inches in length. It works well with small specimens such as squids, individual organs, and grass frogs.

The large size is about 13 inches long and is a good fit for specimens such as medium pigs, pigeons, and small dogfish. The extra-large size is about 30 inches long and is ideal for large dogfish, fetal horse, organ plucks, and more.

Ordering information: Dissecting pan set parts are available separately.