G.S.C. Spark Timers

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G.S.C. Spark Timers
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The Go Science Crazy spark timer is a recording device used to measure the velocity and acceleration of a falling or moving object.

  • Spark timer device
  • 60 Hz (mains power frequency)
  • Tape length: 45 m
  • Tape width: 17 mm
The Go Science Crazy spark timer sparks at uniform intervals, leaving marks on a paper tape. The distance between the marks on the tape are used to calculate velocity and acceleration. It is provided with a roll of tape, a carbon disc, a weight, and a clamp to hold it in position.

Everything on the spark timer is enclosed for safety.

Delivery information: Timer includes five carbon disks, one 45 m roll of tape, clamp, and weight. Additional rolls of tape and carbon disks are also available separately.