Economy Student Spectrometer

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470123-412EA 1237.2 USD
Economy Student Spectrometer
Spectrophotometers and Photometers UV/Visible Spectrophotometers
For introductory classwork with spectroscopy

  • A 2.6cm diameter achromatic optical system with a 10x Ramsden eyepiece and crosshair
  • A 16cm diameter 360° x 0.5° enclosed graduated circle with a double-ended external 0–30' x 1' vernier with a lock screw-engaged fine control and two built-in scale reading magnifiers
  • An 8cm diameter prism/grating table, fully adjustable, with prism and grating holders, and an engraved ring pattern.
A basic measuring instrument for quantitative spectroscopy experiments, this instrument is mounted on a stable cast base with attached collimator and a rotating telescope platform and graduated circle. The instrument has a 6mm slit, opening to 2mm, and comes with a storage box and instructions.